Artist' s Statement 

In 2008, I switched jobs and moved with my wife and young son to Rochester, Minnesota.

The move meant teaching more sections of photography in a semester than I had been accustomed to teaching. It meant a serious return to the darkroom, as my new institution had not yet made the shift to teaching photo courses on the computer.

I wanted to rekindle the enthusiasm for photography that had gripped me when I was nineteen years old and just discovering the darkroom. I picked up the same camera I had used as a student twenty years earlier. I vowed to think of “photograph” as a verb and not a noun. I began to photograph daily, chasing the sound of my shutter clicking; remembering why I had fallen in love with this medium.

As months rolled over into years, I found I processed a significant visual journal. Often it is a record of chasing my son through the house hunting for interesting light. Sometimes it documents getting acquainted to a new place. I am still sorting through the results of this on-going project. This early edit assembles some of the highlights of the work to date.